What I learned in ct101

The semester is over and that means it’s time to say goodbye to ct101.

It’s sad to say goodbye, because this class has taught me on how to bring out my creative side and follow my dreams. so technically, even though this is officially a “goodbye post”-  in my heart I will always stay connected and say “hello”.

so lets begin on a recap of the class.

first of all, i really enjoyed this class so much and learned a lot!

In the class I learned how to be creative with my posts.

I learned how to use photoshop and created lots of cool projects throughout the semester.

Here take a look:

that was super cool to do and one of my favorite projects to do in class this semester.

it’s a good thing I wrote up a tutorial after class cuz I definitely want to do more of these after i submit this final blog post.

You can read  the tutorial by clicking right here and maybe even try to create your own.

My other favorite thing we did this semester was create our own website!

it’s been my dream to start up my own blog for years, but i never knew from where and how to start.

thanks to this class i was able to follow along step by step on how to start my own blog.

I’m definitely keeping this blog..hey the fun has just began why would i end it now,right? lol

I will use all the new skills I learned in the class and use it to keep making my blog better.

Professor Ryan always said to us, ” successful blogs require work- they don’t happen over night”.

that is what I will strive to work on- keep working on my site day by day and watch it grow over time.

I think that summarizes the final blog post prompt of the class.

Professor Ryan, did I miss anything?

oh one more thing before i go. another one of my favorite thing i learned was how to insert and make your own gifs.

inserting gifs into your blog makes your posts so much more interesting.

look at these ones for example:

See, I told you it makes posts fun to read :p


with that being said, I am going to say one more time Thank you to Professor Ryan for such an incredible semester!!

Thank you for helping me open up a new world that I couldn’t open by myself.

Goodnight all, and I will see you all soon in my next post.




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