Avocado Spinach Omelette Wrap

You know the feeling when you want to make something quick and tasty on a Sunday but don’t feel like spending lots of time in the kitchen?





I know exactly what you mean!

Don’t worry I got you covered for today’s Sunday lunch! It’s Delicious,Healthy and most importantly EASY!

Let’s do this in 2 steps!

step 1: make your creative omelette. 

In my omelette I added spinach and cherry tomatoes and of-course spices as usual.

salt, pepper, dried dill,turmeric is fine for the spices.

This is how my omelette turned out.

Get creative!

Step 2: Wrap it all up!

Take your wrap. (I like mine warm before putting anything inside, so if that’s you just warm it up in the oven or skillet. It’s totally up to you.)

Smear some mayonnaise and ketchup onto the wrap.

Next cover your wrap with spinach leaves.

Put your omelette over it.

slice avocados  (salt and squeeze lemon juice on them before adding to the wrap).

Line the avocados onto the wrap.

Now start wrapping your roll,cut it in half, take a bite and enjoy!


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